Susanne Aloé
Susanne Aloé, veterinarian and horse trekking guide. Together with Jürgen Schäffer she will take care of the horses.





Jürgen Schäffer
Jürgen Schäffer, specialist for water treatment, horse trekking guide and instructor for „Natural Horse-Man-Ship“.




Wilfred Kolb "Fif"
Wilfried Kolb, Photovoltaics engineer, responsible for navigation, logistics, driving the escort vehicle and setting up camp.









Silvia Schlett is our expert for social media.






Regina Singelnstein
Regina Singelnstein is Florian’s assistant. She selects pictures and provides our social media team with information.
Joe Maierbacher is producer and filmmaker. During the trip through Ireland he will produce three television documentaries for the German Channel “Spiegel TV Wissen”. He will stay by the teams’ side to capture every exciting moment.



This is Barbara called “Bobo”. During our trip she organises our camp and drives the escort vehicle with the trailer.If she is not in Ireland she lives with her partner Armin and her children. She loves being outside in the mountains with her dog Lou.














Florian Wagner
Florian Wagner had the idea for the project and is the main drive behind the planning and its realization. He is an experienced outdoor photographer whose main interests are horses, helicopters and mountains.




Blika is a 7-year-old Husky Schnauzer Mix and a true adventurer. „Blika“ is the Inuit word for „bright stripe on the horizon“ which she truly is.





















We would like to introduce Dusty, an 8-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. He is a silly fellow, always friendly and always hungry. He’ll cheer you up in no time – anytime!









This is our „covergirl“ Soloma with her beautiful blue eyes. Soloma is a 11-year-old Tobiano Paint Mare. Florian bought her when she was 2 weeks old. And he wasn’t even the one who chose her…









This is Rooh. He is a 14-year-old Arabian horse with a hint of thoroughbred in his lineage, though we don’t exactly know how much. He was named by an Arabian princess – his name means „spirit“. He became a part of the club when he was 11 and is a very reliable horse for long distances. During our „Abenteuer Deutschland“ trip we called him „pace setter“ because he would always walk, trot and canter faster than the others.




This nice guy is called Goodwill or „Goody“. He was born in South America and is a very dependable trekking horse, always trying his best – a real teamplayer.








Mara, her dam is Soloma, is a 6-year-old Paint Mare. She was born while Florian was on a horseback Safari in Kenia for Leica. That’s how she got her name. She is surprisingly settled for her age, always willing to work and she has a strong body and heart









Curiosity is the best word to describe Merlin’s personality. This 11-year-old Warmblood gelding likes to play, jump and discover new things.







































We would like to introduce our partner „Buchauer“ a.k.a Susanne Aloé and Jürgen Schäffer. During our trip they take care of the horses. „Wanderreiten beim Buchauer“ is not only a riding stable in Bavaria offering overnight stays for both horse and rider on trekking tours but also a training organization. They also offer guided trekking tours in and around the Bavarian Alps. Please visit their website for more information on future trekking tours.